August 10 to November 9, 2003
The late work of Paul Klee is among the most moving testimonies in the art of classical modernism. After an introduction comprising cheerfully colorful works of the Düsseldorf period (1931-33), the exhibition illustrates the various phases of Klee's late career – from the Nazi takeover to the artist's death in 1940.

I.1931/32 - Subtlety on the Brink of Disaster
II.1933/34 - “Degenerate” – and Emigration Home
III.1935/36 - Illness as a Caesura
IV.1937/38 - Abundance in the Twilight Zone
V.1939/40 - Approaching the Secret
  Untitled, c. 1940
Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel