Forests of the World
The Other Commitment

19 August, 2007 – 6 January, 2008

GŁnter Ziesler, Tropical rainforest, Sabah/Borneo, © GŁnter Ziesler

Eberhard Hummel, Tree near Tassili n'Ajjer mountains, Algeria, November 1991,
© Eberhard Hummel
A thought-provoking photographic exhibition

"Forests of the World" presents a spectacular portrait of the trees and forests of our planet in 100 mostly large-format photographs. The exhibition is not just aimed to please on a superficial level, but to jolt us and draw attention to the urgent need to protect one of the most important foundation stones of our existence. The exhibition brings together unique works from around the world whose powerful visual expressiveness reflects the highest degree of mastery in the medium of photography. Pictures by Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Ernst Haas, Frans Lanting, and numerous other photographers represented in well-known international museums and collections, are included.

The other commitment

In singularly beautiful photographs of forests and landscapes, the exhibition "Forests of the World" brings home to us the need to protect our threatened natural world.
The show is being held at the Fondation Beyeler at the same time as the top-notch anniversary exhibition "The Other Collection: Homage to Hildy and Ernst Beyeler", in which key masterpieces of modern art that passed through the Galerie Beyeler have been reunited from around the globe.
The Fondation Beyeler is virtually predestined to be the first venue for such a photographic exhibition as, for many decades, Ernst and Hildy Beyeler have demonstrated a tireless commitment to the preservation and protection of our natural environment and of our forests in particular.

Who is behind the exhibition?

The exhibition "Forests of the World" is an environmental and cultural project of the WALD-KLIMA-UMWELT foundation, the Bank Sarasin & Cie AG and private benefactors, in cooperation with the Fondation Beyeler.

Thanks are also due to Greenpeace International and WWF International for their additional support.